Iglass seriesI

Exhibition [ I am. ME.]

I Exhibition [ I am. ME.] I

Aivars Gulbis: "I'm a horse, I'm an apple, I'm a flight, I'm an egg, I'm a bronze casting, I'm in flight and no one will drag me to the ground!"


Bārbala Gulbe: "I am a sculptor's daughter" (Tuve Jansone)


In January, 90 years ago, a boy was born in Lēdurga, Vidzeme region, he got a name AIVARS. Since childhood he was close and fell in love with nature, in the harmonious family of Leontine and Mārtiņš Gulbis. An artist served his life for the beautiful and sublime both in nature and in human interactions within.

A long and active SCULPTOR'S LIFE has been lived... Much has been said, written and published about it in the book "Wings of a Swan" shown here in the exhibition.

A small collection of Aivars Gulbja's sculptures - made in marble, bronze, metal - is exhibited in Sigulda Castle. Side by side - the artistic glass works of daughter Bārbala Gulbe. All complementary to each other in the aesthetic and ethical scope. Like his father, Bārbala finds inspiration for creativity in nature, in native landscape. Two artists, two creative pathes running side by side both dedicated to Latvia.

As the art scientist Ruta Čaupova has admitted - "Barbala, who is one of the three children in the A.Gulbis family, is the closest to his sculptures in motion, balanced on one point." As all the exhibited glass works made by Bārbala Gulbe here are not static either in the nuances of shape nor color range.

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